Media Relations Services

Do you dream of receiving public recognition for your organization? Are you interested in getting important media coverage of your event? Do you have a story or message that you would like to convey to the media or to the public? If so – then our media relations service is the solution to your problem.

Media Interviews

Our Media Relations service includes:

  • Pitching our clients to the media*  
  • Draft and pitch articles and op-editorials (op-eds.)  
  • Provide news wire service  
  • Schedule media interviews  
  • Plan news and press conferences  
  • Draft and pitch news and press releases, PSA’s, and media advisories  
  • Write and pitch high impact feature stories

Media Includes:  

  • Traditional media: radio, television, newspapers, magazines and journals  
  • New media: podcasts and blogs  
  • Convergence media: online radio, online newspapers, e-magazines and e-journals 

*Pitch book: We have over 38,000 media contacts in our [private] North American media pitch book

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