Media PR at Woewoda Communications

Do you dream of receiving public recognition for your corporation or fund? Would you like to attract attention to your startup? Are you interested in getting important media coverage of your event? If so – If you are actively seeking the spotlight for your fund, corporation, or startup, Media PR can be the solution to your problem.

At Woewoda Communication our Media PR service is unique in that it includes traditional media (print and electronic) and the new media (digital media, social media & online media).

By expanding the definition of ‘Media PR’ beyond its traditional definition (radio, television, newspapers, magazines and journals), our PR experts are able to create strategic communication campaigns that also includes 21st century media mediums such as webinars, podcasts, live streaming, live chats, forums, threads & blogs.

This modern definition of Media PR allows our PR experts the opportunity to create media PR campaigns that increases both the scope and intensity of our client’s message.

For those who prefer the traditional definition of Media PR – television, radio, newspapers, magazines & journals – our PR experts are there to assist you as well by:

Drafting news releases
Creating media kits
Writing high impact feature stories
Pitching your story to the media
Scheduling media interviews
Arranging for press or news conferences
Drafting & pitching article submissions and opinion letters
Creating community announcements

Whatever Media PR strategy you choose – ‘modern’ or ‘traditional’ – our team of PR experts are there to help you communicate your message to the world!

If you would like to develop your relationship with the media then please give us a call and let our team of communication experts design and implement a Media PR strategy for you.

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