James Woewoda (BBA, BA Econ, CSC) founded Woewoda Communications (WC) 16 years ago with a purpose – to provide clients with inspired, integrated communications service. The agency began as a one-person literary publicity company with James doing all the work – creating press kits, drafting and pitching press releases, arranging media interviews, and planning PR tours – on behalf of his authors.

The company has since grown to become a full-service PR agency employing communication experts, PR specialists, event planners, and researchers. It specializes in Media PR, Community PR, Relationship PR, SEO PR, Venture Capital PR, Private Equity PR, Start-up PR, Virtual Conference PR and Investor Relation Services (IR).

According to Woewoda, ”my early years as a publicist gave me a unique insight into what areas of expertise were needed to create very successful PR campaigns for corporate stakeholders.

Our team of PR professionals and communication experts reinforces our commitment to providing an even greater depth of expertise to our clients.

From our humble beginning 16 years ago to a full-service PR agency today, we have assembled a team of PR professionals and communication specialists who can create highly-impactful, resulted-oriented PR campaigns for our clients throughout Canada”.

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