Community PR at Woewoda Communications

Competitive business & social pressures are forcing a redefinition of the relationship between company and community.

In today‚Äôs competitive business environment, the company must be more than just a shareholder. The broad array of new stakeholders that the company must embrace requires a new perspective on governance and behavior. Positive, proactive connections to the community can translate into a boost for their bottom line.

When a company makes a strong commitment to the community, it not only helps attract top employees, but it also positions itself positively among its customers and improves its position in the marketplace.

Our Community PR service includes:

i) Undertaking a Community PR audit.

ii) Creating a strategic plan that allows for our client to build a positive & sustainable relationship in the community with key individuals, groups and organizations.

iii) Designing & implementing community programs (i.e. philanthropy, volunteerism, partnerships, in-kind donations, etc.) that improve the quality of community life and promote the company’s long-term business interests.

If you would like to enhance your relationship with your community then please give us a call and let our team of communication experts design and implement a community PR strategy for you.

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