James Woewoda, Founder and Managing Partner


James Woewoda has been involved in the business world for over 30 years. He graduated from Simon Fraser University in 1982 with a degree in business and economics. Upon graduating he went to work for the family business; a 5-pin bowling lane located in the metro Vancouver area. He oversaw customer relations, marketing, advertising, public relations and special events management at both the local, regional and national levels.


At the turn of the century his interest in PR & literature inspired him to create Woewoda Communications. The goal of the company was to provide media relations & publicity for authors across a variety of genres. In time his relationship with authors and writers grew, and he soon found that many of his clients were also successful academics, professionals, and business people. Time passed. Eventually, a few of his literary ‘business’ clients asked him if he would be interested to do PR work for their company. That is, to go beyond the literary realm and engage in PR work for their company, brand and investment portfolio(s). The transition from literary publicity to corporate PR had begun. Today, he focuses on company development, management, strategic planning and branding.


Samuel Adenekan, Senior Partner


Samuel Adenekan is a seasoned public relations and marketing communications professional.Well known in the public relations industry,Samuel brings a wealth of corporate communications and public affairs experience to Woewoda Communications’ team. With over 25 years of cognate experience, Samuel’s expertise encompasses every aspect of the public relations profession, from strategic planning to issues management and crisis communications, community and media relations to stakeholder management, investor relations, venture capital public relations, startup public relations, private equity public relations, marketing communications, corporate social responsibility and sustainability communications. His experience covers many sectors including, food and beverage, consumer products, conglomerate, academia, trade and professional associations.


Prior to joining Woewoda Communications, he was a member of the management committee and head of corporate communications and public affairs for Nestle Nigeria, the biggest food company in West Africa. Over the years, communication programs under his guidance have garnered local, national, and international awards. Samuel earned a PhD degree in communication and language arts from University of Ibadan, Nigeria; MA in mass communication from University of Nigeria, Nsukka; and BA in language arts from University of Ibadan. He also holds certificates in public relations, editing, technical communication, plain language, and project management from Simon Fraser University, Burnaby and FITT diploma in international trade. He is a member of the Canadian Public Relations Society, Editors Canada, and Plain Language Association International. Samuel specializes in Investor Relation Services (IR), Venture Capital PR, Startup PR and Private Equity PR.


Kevin Romero, PR Specialist


Kevin Romero graduated from Simon Fraser University in 2015. His interest in marketing, advertising and public relations led him to continue to work as a marketing coordinator for a prominent law firm in Vancouver, specializing in outreach initiatives and corporate branding over a 6-year period. In 2017, he graduated from the public relations program at SFU adding a PR certificate to his degree. Kevin specializes in stakeholder relations, account management, event planning, copywriting, media kit development, media relations, news & press release drafting and submissions, media advisories, news conferences, social media supervision & development, digital content creation, campaign analysis & media tracking. Kevin specializes in Campaign building, Media PR, Community PR and Relationship PR.


Wanda McNamara, Campaign Budget Director


Wanda McNamara has spent over 20 years in the corporate world helping businesses and non-profit organizations deal with budgetary issues. As a campaign budget director she oversees and manages all financial issues that relate to an individual campaign’s budget. This would include its cash flow as well as its accounts payables & receivables. Her knowledge of different financial software, coupled with her budgetary experience, allows her the ability to help bring our clients’ campaigns in on time and within budget.


Erik Woewoda, Research & Analysis


Erik Woewoda is a university co-op student studying Actuarial Sciences and Statistics at the Asper School of Business at the University of Manitoba. His knowledge of actuarial mathematics and statistics led him to develop 2 customized mathematical platforms requested byWC. The 1st platform converts into dollar values all the free media that is generated by a PR campaign. The2nd platformcalculatesthemovement between all the different media platforms & targeted sites during the campaign. Both mathematical programs are unique to WC and were specifically requested to help evaluate a campaign’s performance. Today, he provides statistical analysis and company & industry research.

Today, he provides statistical analysis and research.