Guest Speaking Presentation


Over the course of my PR career, especially at the helm of WC, I noticed that many of my clients encountered the same obstacles and roadblocks:


A Lack of seed or startup capital
Hitting the "brick wall"

Poor ROI on their advertising dollar

Dealing with the high costs of advertising

A lack of embrace or understanding of the new media


In time, I soon realized that my PR solutions to their business problems shared a common thread. It was this commonality that led me to articulate and formulate “PR180”.


Today “PR180” is just one of the strategies that my team of PR professionals and communication experts use to help our clients overcome those devastating roadblocks noted above.


Complimentary Presentation


Currently, I am offering a complimentary guest speaking engagement titled “Making Use of The Free (Earned) Media: Why Pay the High Cost of Advertising When You Can Promote Your Product, Service, Brand or Company for Free?”


In this presentation I will share with you my real-life experiences in dealing with those roadblocks noted above, and the strategy and tactics that I used to help my clients overcome those obstacles.


My presentation lasts for about 1.5 hours and includes the presentation, a Q & A and a meet & greet.


If your business or group is interested in booking me for this informative and educational PR business presentation, then please feel free to give me a call.




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