Campaign Building at Woewoda Communications


Does your business or organization change or influence a person’s life for the better?


For 16 years Woewoda Communications have been creating PR campaigns that have bridged the gap between our clients' message and their audience.


Whether it's building their platform and brand or educating their audience base, our multi-pronged approach to campaign building influences our clients’ targeted audience by connecting planned events with both the traditional and new media platforms.


By blending various platforms - Media PR, Community PR, and Relationship PR - we can create campaigns that encapsulate synergistic overtones; overtones that increase the intensity and scope of our client’s message.


For 16 years we have been creating PR campaigns that have allowed our clients the opportunity to tell their story or to have their message heard.


Our Major platforms


If your company or organization has a story or a message that it would like to share with your audience, then please give us a call and let our team of PR professionals and communication experts design and manage a synergistic PR campaign that will help you bridge the communication gap between you and your audience.


Our Multi-pronged approach